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How Does The Metal Stamping Process Work?

At Metal Force we use a process known as metal stamping. Stamping presses have a drive mechanism that causes a difference in appearance. Mechanical, hydraulic, press-frame, gap-frame, c-frame, and straight side are the common drive mechanisms used to create a different stamp in the overall process.  Generating the necessary force to stamp metal parts is the hardest part of metal stamping. Our new, higher-strength steels help to press in the right motion and provide attention to the press design.

Our Metal Stamping Process

To produce a high level of results, we use metal stamping. Our system offers accuracy, stability, and results that you won’t find anywhere else. Parts of the process can include embossing, bending, punching, blanking, and coining. Most stamping is done on sheet metal but can be done with aluminum, plastic, foil, steel, or PSA.

Different Methods of Stamping

Do you have different metal stamping needs? We can provide a variety of options if you are seeking unique stamping requirements. Our results can provide bending without fracturing the material. Progressive die is another method we use to create unique objects including soda can lids. Tapping is another method used to cut threads in a hole. Bolts and screws are made from the tapping process.

Using Our Metal Stamping Methods

At Metal Force, we serve several metal stamping industries. If you have a metal stamping need, contact us today to learn more (801) 776-5700

Which Metal Fabrication Process Will Boost Production Volume?

When it comes to production costs, how can you keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of your work? It is important to determine the volume of the project to find out which metal fabrication process will provide the best returns.

Selecting a Tooling Option

Determining the right tooling option varies based on the number of parts needed to be produced. Roll forming is popular as it has a lower cost compared to other methods. Press braking is recommended for a low volume metal fabrication process as it can help to produce several parts at a lower cost. Turret and press braking are recommended for smaller parts or low quantity runs.

Reduce Financial Impact

Are you concerned about the cost? Correct forecasting is necessary to help Metal Force determine the right cost amount. Dealing with fabricating sheet metal can be expensive as it will include more labor costs than other methods. The production and assembly costs are normally the most expensive part of metal fabrication.

If you are dealing with high production demands, roll forming and stamping are recommended as they provide a per piece set-up. The more you order and produce, the lower your labor costs will become.

Contact Metal Force to discuss metal scrap recycling and other methods we can use to help you find the best metal fabrication process for your project.


When creating a part or a product, your customers are expecting the best. They want high-quality goods that are going to last. That’s why, at Metal Force, we make sure that all of our machining processes reflect that desire. We only make parts and full products that are of the highest quality and are completed with skilled labor and high-tech machinery.

All of our employees at Metal Force are certified and extensively trained in how to do their part in the metal fabrication and machining process. This is yet another step we take to both protect our employees and to protect the quality of the parts and finished products we produce.

Metal Machining Utah Services

machining 4

We want to be able to fill your order and your project specifications exactly, and that is why we have a vast variety of machining processes. At Metal Force, we want to be ready for any project you have in store, whether it requires tiny details or needs to be done on a large scale. For example, we offer the following machining services:

  • Precision machining
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Lathes

With so many machining services at your disposal, Metal Force is armed and ready for whatever metal projects your company has in mind. Whether you just need a relatively simple product completed or have complicated specifications that need to be met, we have the machines and techniques needed to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Work with a Metal Fabrication Company You Can Trust!

At Metal Force, we pride ourselves in the fact that our customers are happy with the products we create for them. With testimonials to verify, we can say that our metal fabrication services are some of the most trusted in the state of Utah.

If you are ready to start a metal fabrication project for your company, call the experts and specialists at Metal Force today at (801) 776-5700 Metal Machining Utah!

Best of Business Award

MetalForce Inc. is proud to announce it is a winner of the 2009 Best of Business Award

Thanks to all of our employees and customers for all your support

Best of Business Award
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New Web Site up and running

We now have our new web page up and running.

Our original web page can still be accessed via the recommended links or by simply clicking here. Please feel free to use which ever you like best.  The older page requires FlashPlayer and is sometimes a little slow depending upon your computer and your internet connection.

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