Metal Force Inc


Because there are variety of tools and machinery needed to drill and refine oil, we have been contracted to aid oil companies with the metal fabrication services they required.

Since drilling and refining oil can be a difficult and occasionally dangerous process, the metal fabrication experts at Metal Force do everything they can to make sure that the products we create for the oil industry are made exactly as the specifications demand.

Previous Projects for the Oil Industry


At Metal Force, we have completed many projects for companies in the oil industry. From working to create the parts necessary for oil drilling to making products needed for oil refining, the specialists at Metal Force have been able to serve oil companies in a wide variety of ways.

Because we are familiar with the specifications necessary for work in the oil industry, we can create additional projects and designs that are related. Our employees are more than capable of setting up the machining to create more products for the oil industry.

Specialized Metal Fabrication

In order to stand up to the difficult conditions presented within the oil industry, metal products have to be made extremely sturdy and reliable. Metal Force has continuously provided satisfactory metal fabrication services for companies in the oil industry and will continue to do so.

Whether your company is looking for a safe way to transport the oil or needs piping for the refining process, we can create products that work for each and every portion of the process. While other metal fabrication companies might not be able to create the high-performance metal products that are required for work in the oil industry Metal Force can handle it.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust to create finely crafted metal products, call Metal Force today at(801) 725-7569 for Oil Industry Utah!