Metal Forming Utah


Regardless of the metal fabrication you need completed, bending and shaping will almost always be necessary. Because the machinery that is used to bend and shape metal pieces is heavy, expensive, and difficult to work with, many of our clients seek us out specifically for our bending and shaping services.

Whether the bending and shaping we do for your project is completely automated or is partially manual, we always make sure that the bending and shaping follows the engineering specifics and design exactly.

Types of Metal Bending and Shaping

Because metal can be made in all shapes and sizes, a metal fabrication company can’t just use one type of machine to bend and shape the pieces that are needed for current projects. At Metal Force, we have a variety of machinery to ensure that we can complete almost any project you laid out for us. Our bending and shaping techniques include the use of:

  • Press brakes
  • Angle rolling
  • Tube rolling
  • Flame straightening

Rather than just have one machine that performs each of those tasks, we have several machines that can be used simultaneously to help us get projects done sooner. That means that our turnaround time is significantly shorter than another metal fabrication company with fewer machines specifically set aside for bending and shaping.

Quality and Accuracy

When entrusting another company with your metal fabrication, which involves bending and shaping, you want to make sure that the finished and final product is going to be exactly what you asked for.

At Metal Force, quality and accuracy are of the utmost importance. We understand that your continued patronage is based on your level of satisfaction, so we do everything we can to make sure our products exceed your expectations.

If you want Metal Force to start your next metal fabrication project, call us today at (801) 725-7569 for Metal Bending Utah!