About Us

About Us

For more than a decade, Metal Force has been working hard to provide clients across numerous industries with the metal fabrication projects they need completed. In all the time that we’ve been in business, we have offered quality services for each and every one of the projects our clients have.

Our Specialties

Metal Force is located in Roy, Utah, though we have served customers from all over the country. We are a trustworthy, reliable metal fabrication company determined to help your company succeed by creating the tools, supports, and products you need.

Though we invite companies from all industries to see what our skilled technicians and machinery can do, we specialize in metal fabrication work for the following industries:

  • Structural
  • Engineering and design
  • Oil
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Energy

If your company does not fall into one of those categories, don’t worry! Metal Force has been doing all kinds of custom work over the years, and we are more than capable of taking a look at your project details and determining whether or not it is feasible.

Our Team

We have a large variety of people working on our team. Our company would certainly not be able to turn out the same level of quality manufacturing and service without each and every one of them. We owe all our success to the skill and dedication of our operators, welders, sales team, draftsmen, artists, and more!

Every member of our team has been extensively trained to handle the area in which they work. You can trust that all of the people we employ are dedicated to creating a quality product for you every single time.

If you are interested in working with a skilled team of metal fabrication experts and having them make products for your industry, don’t hesitate to call Metal Force at (801) 725-7569 today!