Which Metal Fabrication Process Will Boost Production Volume?

When it comes to production costs, how can you keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of your work? It is important to determine the volume of the project to find out which metal fabrication process will provide the best returns.

Selecting a Tooling Option

Determining the right tooling option varies based on the number of parts needed to be produced. Roll forming is popular as it has a lower cost compared to other methods. Press braking is recommended for a low volume metal fabrication process as it can help to produce several parts at a lower cost. Turret and press braking are recommended for smaller parts or low quantity runs.

Reduce Financial Impact

Are you concerned about the cost? Correct forecasting is necessary to help Metal Force determine the right cost amount. Dealing with fabricating sheet metal can be expensive as it will include more labor costs than other methods. The production and assembly costs are normally the most expensive part of metal fabrication.

If you are dealing with high production demands, roll forming and stamping are recommended as they provide a per piece set-up. The more you order and produce, the lower your labor costs will become.

Contact Metal Force to discuss metal scrap recycling and other methods we can use to help you find the best metal fabrication process for your project.

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