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Custom Metal Fabrication

From large to small, MetalForce has the capabilities to fabricate custom projects of all sizes. Whether you need an insert to dress up your old fireplace, a large stainless steel hopper or even a metal frame or a trailer, Metalforce has the skill, creativity and ability to meet all these needs.

Powdered fireplace insertstainless steel hopper

Petersen Inc. thanks MetalForce

Mr. Tony Thurber & the Metalforce Team

I would like to take a moment to say thanks for all of your help on the E.D.O.

Staves Project. The customer has been in and inspected the last of the Staves and

approved them for shipment. This job started out tough and proved to be a trial

throughout the whole project.

The joint effort of Petersen Inc., and Metalforce proved to be outstanding in the

field of fabrication, and a large Thanks goes out to all that were involved.

I personally want to say Thanks again for you sticking with this project and for

your help keeping the project cost as low as possible.

Steve Wardleigh,


Petersen Inc.

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