Monthly Archives: July 2008

Saw Cutting

With a Hyd-Mech band saw and 2 Milwaukee chop saws MetalForce has the capability to saw cut almost all materials in various shapes, and sizes. From pipe to angle and re bar to C-channel tubing MetalForce has cut it.

Custom Metal Fabrication

From large to small, MetalForce has the capabilities to fabricate custom projects of all sizes. Whether you need an insert to dress up your old fireplace, a large stainless steel hopper or even a metal frame or a trailer, Metalforce has the skill, creativity and ability to meet all these needs.

Powdered fireplace insertstainless steel hopper


Stamping is a process by which sheet metal strips are punched using a press tool which is loaded on a machine press or stamping press to form the sheet into a desired shape. Using this procedure MetalForce has been able to produce many high quality parts while meeting, and exceeding their customers requirements and expectations.

CNC Bending

MetalForce uses Computer Numeric Controlled press brakes to form multiple different materials at varying lengths with precision accuracy. This capability has allowed Metal Force to form complex components of all sizes to exacting measurements. Combining this ability with their other services has allowed Metal Force to fabricate assemblies and components exceeding industry standards.

pre-powdered pallet of parts


With a 159.6″ shear bed width and the capability to shear up to 1/4″ thick material. MetalForce uses their Amada M-4065 shear to cut all types of metals with precision accuracy.

Turret Punching

Metal Force owns an Amada Pega 244 punch which they use to produce high quality, high volume sheet metal and aluminum parts. This CNC machine allows MetalForce to consistently punch multiple different sized holes and shapes with high speed precision. Utilizing the turret design to its full extent allows minimal tool changes while producing at optimal production rates. With the capability to punch up to 3/16″ material, this equipment is a valuable asset in high production runs.